Sunday, July 04, 2010

IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Data Object Relationships

IBM Tivoli Identity Manager can be a beast at times. On the face of it, having a tool that can manage your account objects in various data repositories/systems doesn't sound like it ought to be complicated. However, the reality can be quite tricky. Person objects, account objects, role objects, organisational hierarchy objects, service objects, provisioning policies, identity policies, adoption policies, password policies, entitlements, accesses... that's a lot of data and the relationships these data objects have with each other can get confusing for some.

Person objects own account objects which are provisioned by virtue of an access request or a provisioning policy which contains entitlements granted by role membership for specific services or service types and the accounts' User ID is governed by an Identity Policy, etc.

There are some excellent technical documents available on the IBM website which attempt to explain these objects but I've rarely found a visual description of the objects which works - thus my attempt using Visio:

Now, it should be pointed out that this visual representation is incomplete. How could I possibly have shown ALL the relationship lines without them criss-crossing in a way which would make the diagram "unviewable". For example, almost every object gets "placed" in a Business Unit yet I've only shown a person object belonging to a business unit! However, I hope it helps explain the basic relationships.

If you want the Visio 2007 version of this diagram, you can get it from Enjoy.

NOTE: This diagram refers to IBM Tivoli Identity Manager v5.1

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