Monday, December 18, 2006

A Difficult Year

I can't believe it has been a year since I last posted!

The year has been a tremendously difficult one with many low points. The main low was the realisation that major technical decisions within organisations are rarely made by people who actually understand technology. Why didn't I previously understand this? Naiviety?

It would seem that the decision making process is typically a process which is based on the following:
  • Political manouevring
  • Self-interest
  • Self-promotion
  • Self-interest
  • and Self-interest
I know there is duplication in that list...

So can people really make a difference in an enterprise? Of course they can, but only if they are prepared to play the game. There's little point in complaining about the decision making process - no amount of complaining is going to change anything! Instead, working from within the system is likely to reap greater rewards.

Unfortunately, it can be seen how the destructive decision making process described above becomes self-perpetuating - it's the only way to get things done!

Of course... I'm not necessarily talking about my own organisation!

On a positive note... I did manage to pass an exam recently which allows me to display the following image:

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