Monday, February 20, 2012

Copy, Paste And ITIM Workflows

The astute amongst you will have seen that developing ITIM Workflows got a little trickier about a year or so ago when copying and pasting into and out of the script editor just stopped working.

Of course, this isn't an ITIM issue - but rather a "security" loophole plugging issue given to use by the powers that be at Java HQ.

The very astute amonst you will know how to get around this hassle and re-enable clipboard access, but for the rest of you, read on.

Shut-down your browser and any Java based applications. Open your favourite editor - if you are a Windows user, you may want to run it as Administrator! Locate your java.policy file which you may find under {JAVA_HOME}\lib\security and add the following line within the grant { } section:

permission java.awt.AWTPermission "accessClipboard";

Restart your browser and you ought to have full copy/paste functionality once again.


Ra33 said...

Tooo good.. :) worked!! Thanks!

Tricky Harry said...

Hi Swannie,

Well done again ...


Tricky Harry said...

Hi Swannie,

Well done again ... thanks for the get out of jail card again ....

Best Regards