Monday, January 12, 2009

Joined Up Contacts

So my new Blackberry turned up today and I can't sync my contacts and calendar entries from Thunderbird to that bad boy.

Disappointing... but time for a bit of googling to see how to get around the problem.

And the answer? I'm still disappointed.

I have managed to sort my email accounts in Thunderbird with the help of Folderpanes and I now have access to Hotmail from within Thunderbird using the webmail add-on. I've even sync'd my Google contacts with Plaxo (although that only works one way.... WHY!!!!).

I've downloaded Sunbird (though this gives me no benefit above and beyond the Lightning add-on for Thunderbird).

So... I have all this software, but no way to sync to the Blackberry unless I get radical as such:
  • Use Outlook (which is too expensive)
  • Use Outlook Express (which is too nasty)
  • Use Live Mail (which I just don't like)
  • Buy some additional software
I don't mind paying for software, but I've just spent a load on my Blackberry with the idea that I would be able to sync up simple things like contact lists and calendar entries. To find that I can't do it out of the box is.... disappointing.

Maybe I should write my own routine!

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