Wednesday, December 10, 2008

200mbs At Last

I've been suffering for a number of years now with the pain and heartache that is a dodgy USB wireless connection from my desktop to my router in another room in the house. Dropped connections, slow transfer speeds... I've tried a number of different wireless technologies but they all suffer similar symptoms.

Of course, wired is the way to go, right? Of course it is... unless you live with someone who finds wires so abhorrent that they just cannot be laid down in the house!

I've known about ethernet over the copper wiring in the house for a number of years now but never believed that it would "do the business" as it were. I finally gave in yesterday, parted with £50 for a value pack which supports 200mbs transfer speed.

Prior to installation, I ran a speed test at and scored 3,600Kbps.

I plugged my new kit into my router and the reciprocal component near my desktop and bingo - connected. Trotted off to and scored a whopping 19,700Kbps.

So, my dodgy 54g wireless connection got stuffed out of sight by my new Home Plug connection.

Why, oh why, did I wait all these years?

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